A simple, elegant Twitter client


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MetroTwit is a simple Twitter client designed for a basic purpose: to remain simple and be used exclusively to administer your tweets.

Some of its more interesting features include the ability to scroll infinitely to read tweets, which comes in handy if you've been disconnected for a few days, and autocompletion of the names that you frequently write, which will help you to navigate more easily through the different accounts that you use.

However, the most important part of MetroTwit is, as mentioned above, its ease of use, which allows you to manage your account from a simple icon on your task bar. Convenience and ease, pure and simple.

MetroTwit is a useful tool for anyone who loves Twitter, since it makes it easy to navigate through tweets and manage your account on one of the most popular social networks out there.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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